A pulley is a small wheel with a groove around it and can rotate around the shaft. A simple machine that can rotate around the central axis is called a pulley, which is composed of a grooved disc that can rotate around the central axis and a flexible cable (rope, tape, steel cable, chain, etc.) that can cross the disc.
The pulley used to lift heavy objects and save effort.

About Pulley

In mechanics, a typical pulley is a round wheel that can rotate around a central axis. There is a groove on the circular surface of the round wheel, and the rope is wound in the groove. If either end of the rope is pulled by force, the friction between the rope and the round wheel will make the round wheel rotate around the central axis. The pulley is actually a deformed and rotatable lever. The main function of pulley is to pull load, change the direction of force application, transmit power and so on.



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Fixed pulley, movable pulley and pulley block (or divided into single pulley, double pulley, three pulley, four pulley and even multi pulley).


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Pulley Features

The fixed pulley can not save labor, and in the case of neglecting the rope weight and the friction between the rope and the pulley, the force used to lift the weight of the rope is equal no matter where the force direction is, because the power arm and resistance arm are equal and equal to the radius of the pulley.


1: when using pulley, the pulley whose axis position moves with the object being pulled is called moving pulley.

2: if the weight is directly hung on the pulley, the pulley also rises when lifting the weight, such a pulley is called the pulley.

Pulley block: a pulley device composed of fixed pulley and movable pulley. It can save labor and change the direction of force. But work can not be saved, because the pulley block saves force, but costs distance. In order to save energy and change the direction of power, the fixed pulley and the movable pulley can be combined into a pulley block.

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