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Large and medium wire drawing machine tower wheel
Large and medium wire drawing machine tower wheel
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Large and medium wire drawing machine tower wheel

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Product details

Large, medium and small wire machine tower wheels and guide wheels, guide rollers, wire drawing steel rings, supersonic spraying, spray welding, new and enhanced repair of tungsten carbide; enameling machines, stainless steel wire drawing, winding machines, tinning machines, machines On copper wire drawing machines and other equipment; drums, wire wheels, etc. are renewed and repaired.

 Main coatings and features:

Supersonic flame spraying, supersonic plasma spraying tungsten carbide coating, coating hardness: greater than HRC70, good wear resistance, porosity less than 1%, good combination, not easy to peel off, significantly prolonging the service life of the workpiece.

Flame spray welding, high-efficiency induction welding tungsten carbide coating, hardness: above HRC62, good wear resistance, almost zero porosity, strong combination, excellent mechanical shock resistance, and significantly extend the service life of the workpiece.

Supersonic plasma spraying, ceramic rod spraying chromium oxide, aluminum oxide, aluminum oxide-titanium oxide and other composite coatings, the hardness is greater than HRC70, good wear resistance, and significantly prolong the service life of the workpiece

    The supersonic flame spraying process is used to spray carbide ceramic coating on the surface of the wire drawing machine tower wheel, guide wheel, wire drawing cylinder, take-up reel, guide groove and other parts, so that the surface hardness can reach HRc75, which is far more than abrasive steel or chilled cast iron The wear resistance is high; the matrix of these parts can also be made of ordinary steel or cast iron, which not only reduces the cost, but also prolongs the service life.Process product characteristics of stainless steel spring wire drawing machine: low cost, energy saving and space saving, convenient operation, stable performance (performance is not inferior to Japanese machines), and can be processed into flat and non-warped stainless steel that meets the wire feeding requirements of spring coiling machines. Spring wire.The quality of the wire drawn by it is equivalent to that of the imported famous brand.

     The wire drawing machine tower wheel is a professional product of our company. It has excellent performance and is an ideal industrial product equipment.

Our company adopts plasma cladding process to compound a certain thickness of high-alloy wear-resistant layer on the surface of ordinary carbon steel coils. The wear-resistant layer has uniform thickness and high hardness. The chemical composition of the alloy layer has a carbon content of 4 to 5% and a chromium content. As high as 25-30%, the volume fraction of Cr7C3 carbide in the metallographic structure reaches more than 50%, and the macroscopic hardness is HRC56-62.The hardness of chromium carbide is HV1400~1800, which is higher than the hardness of quartz in sand and rock HV800~1200.The comparison of wear resistance with several typical materials is as follows:

(1) With low carbon steel; 20~25:1

(2) With high manganese steel; 5~10:1

(3) With tool steel; 5~10:1

(4) With as-cast high chromium cast iron; 1.5~2.5:1

Performance description:

1. The wear-resistant layer and the substrate are completely metallurgically combined, so there is no need to worry about the problem of the wear-resistant layer falling off.

2. Using advanced plasma cladding technology, the coating is uniform and dense, the reel is almost without deformation, the quality is guaranteed, and the yield is high.

3. The repair of coating wear is simple. After repair, the reel can be used the same as the new product. The same reel can be reused, which greatly reduces the cost.

4. There are no cracks, pores, trachoma, etc. on the surface of the wear-resistant layer, and the surface finish can achieve a mirror effect after processing by a grinder.

5. The inner ring of the reel is sprayed with zinc-aluminum alloy, and the surface does not rust or scale, increasing the heat transfer efficiency. 

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