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Performance assessment method for CNC machine tool processing workers

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The performance appraisal method of CNC machine tool processing workers is mainly applicable to all employees engaged in the production of CNC milling machines in the production department and workshop.

1. General machining man-hour generation method

General mechanical processing enterprises use the method of working hours to perform performance management.The design of working hours mainly adopts a combination of three methods: technical measurement, software assistance and empirical analysis.

The method of machining man-hours is mainly composed of machining man-hours and auxiliary man-hours. The main calculation methods are as follows:Machining man-hour = product theoretical man-hour × processing coefficient + auxiliary time.

In this formula, the auxiliary time mainly refers to the time consumed by the preparation before production, clamping, tool change, and self-checking process of employees during the machining process.The processing coefficient is the degree of difficulty of the actual processing of the product, the degree of fatigue of the employees, etc. Generally, everyone will use a tentative value between 1.08-1.5.However, for difficult-to-process materials and products with imperfect technology, the processing man-hours are subject to the actual processing time.

2. How to generate reward hours

The rewarding hours of the product are determined by the completion of the production task of the product and the inspection result of the product. Its calculation formula is:Rewarded working hours = machining hours × (difficulty factor + quality factor + 1).

3. Support the generation of working hoursLaw

The frequency of support hours is not high, but it can also occur under special circumstances. The employee needs to support other departments or positions, and the actual attendance time is used as the support hours.

4. Calculation method of lost working hours

Lost man-hours are mainly due to waiting time caused by other reasons, processing time increased due to drawing changes, repair time caused by subsequent processing, and unpredictable time caused by non-processing.The actual machining time is machining man-hours and is not included in the wasted man-hours.

5. Calculation method of monthly performance working hours

The performance hours of employees are mainly the sum and attendance time of the machining company, reward hours, support hours, and wasted hours during the month. Its calculation formula is:Monthly performance man-hours = total machining man-hours + reward man-hours + wasted man-hours + support man-hours-attendance man-hours.

If you feel that there is a difference in your monthly salary, you can use this method to calculate it yourself!

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