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What is the reason behind the price increase of mask machine and raw materials by 4 times?

The rapid spread of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus has caused a serious imbalance in the supply and demand of domestic masks.

The epidemic hit, driven by huge demand, many mask manufacturers have expanded their production, and a large number of laymen have crossed the border.

From 25 to 120 million, a price increase of 380%!This is the current price of a set of mask production equipment.

From 1.8 to 8 million, a price increase of 440%!This is the price of the meltblown mask raw material.

Expensive, no problem!The key is that you can't buy it!

On February 2, Sinopec Weibo launched a hero post-"I have a meltblown cloth, who has a mask machine?" All of a sudden aroused the interest of major companies.For a time, each company produced raw materials with raw materials and equipment with equipment, forming a "League of Legends" mask production.

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Mask machines are in greater demand

Recently, many companies have switched to producing masks across borders. GAC Group, SAIC-GM-Wuling, Industrial Fulian, Sangun Underwear, BYD Subsidiary, Foxconn, etc. have all issued news of switching to production of masks. The "spot mask machine" has become popular for a time. cake.

At present, even furniture and equipment manufacturers are also involved in the upstream link of mask production, which has also led to a surge in demand for mask machines.A person from Huitong Automation told reporters that the company has no stock of mask machines at present, "there are none (in stock); if you place an order now, you need to wait, the cycle is about 70 days."

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Mask raw materials are scarce

Mask machines are very popular, and the raw materials of masks are also scarce. It does not mean that there are masks with mask machines. What if there are no raw materials?Therefore, it is a very common phenomenon that there are too many monks and porridge, and the price of raw materials rises and the supply exceeds supply.

Take BYD as an example. With a mask machine, can masks be produced?


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It is not only BYD that lacks meltblown cloth, but many companies that are preparing to produce masks across borders are also facing this problem.

Yes, there is a mask machine, but there are no raw materials, melt blown cloth is scarce, and the price has increased from 1.8 to 8, which is 4.44 times!

What are the raw materials of the mask?

Meltblown cloth can be called the "heart" of medical surgical masks and N95 masks.

Medical surgical masks and N95 masks generally adopt a multilayer structure, referred to as SMS structure: the inner and outer sides are single-layer spunbond layers (S); the middle is the meltblown layer (M), which is generally divided into single layer or multiple layers.

Among them, the outer layer is a non-woven fabric with waterproof treatment, which is mainly used to insulate the droplets sprayed by the patient; the middle melt-blown layer is a special-treated melt-blown non-woven fabric, which has good filtering and shielding properties , Heat insulation and oil absorption, are important raw materials for the production of masks; the inner layer is ordinary non-woven fabric.

Although the spunbond layer (S) and meltblown layer (M) of the mask are non-woven fabrics, and the raw materials are polypropylene, the manufacturing process is different.

Among them, the fiber diameter of the spunbond layer on the inner and outer sides is relatively thick, about 20 microns; the fiber of the middle meltblown layer is only 2 microns in diameter and is made of a polypropylene material called high-melt index fiber.

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China is the world's largest non-woven fabric producer. In 2018, the production of non-woven fabrics was about 594 million tons, but the output of melt-blown non-woven fabrics was very low.

Compared with mask manufacturers, there are not many meltblown non-woven fabric manufacturers.

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The government purchases finished masks and does not allow outflow

A few days ago, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance issued a document clarifying that relevant medical protective materials have been included in the reserve.The government will purchase masks and other protective materials produced by companies to increase productivity and expand production capacity.At the same time, local governments are encouraged to issue relevant support policies. "Please don't worry about enterprises and increase production in an all-round way."

The general manager of Suzhou Aijie Nonwoven Products Co., Ltd. said: The company used to be an OEM for Japanese mask companies, and the daily output is about 1. Now 4 machines are fully produced, and the daily output has increased to 8. .All masks produced are purchased by the government and no outflow is allowed.

The company is producing at full capacity every day. In the past, it produced less than 1 masks, but now it produces 1 to 3 masks every day. "I have received dozens of calls now, all asking for masks, but the company does not have one, and all have been acquired by the government." The person in charge of Jiangsu Hengjian Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. told reporters.

What is the basis for the government purchase price?The government basically makes purchases at market prices. "We also see that the labor costs and raw material costs of enterprises are rising." Wen Yong believes that "the government's unified procurement is actually supporting us. We just work hard to produce, and the channels and sales channels have been arranged by the government."

At this stage, masks are "sweet and sweet", but have you considered what will happen to the industry after the epidemic?At that time, will the people who bite their teeth to buy the equipment will sell the equipment "broken" again...

prospect:The sharp expansion of the mask market may bring room for speculation

"After the awareness of the whole people increases, (masks) will gradually change from protective equipment to daily necessities.We think this industry is a healthy sunrise industry. "Zhejiang Jiande City Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Zhu Liping said.


The industry's research and judgment on the development of the mask market is mainly based on the Japanese mask market, especially the market potential of household masks.

According to the statistics of the Japan Hygiene Material Industry Federation, the annual output of Japan in 2018 was about 55 billion, of which nearly 43 billion were household masks.

Zhu Liping believes that the population of Japan is about one-tenth that of China, but the average annual use of masks for a Chinese and a Japanese differs by dozens of times. "We believe that after China's awareness of health, especially in first-tier cities, increases, masks will gradually be used as daily necessities, and the mask industry will certainly grow and develop gradually."

In the long run, the market may continue to expand, but when the epidemic comes and disappears, the imbalance between supply and demand in the mask market is more concerned.

Lei Limin, vice chairman and secretary-general of the China Textile Business Association, and chairman of the Safety and Health Protection Products Committee, said,At present, the production situation of enterprises is extremely complicated, and the information communication is not smooth, making it difficult to accurately understand the resumption rate and the further situation of new production lines.Whether the estimated production capacity can finally be reached also depends on the efforts and input of the industry, as well as the government's assistance measures.However, judging from several major epidemic incidents, it is necessary for masks to be included in strategic materials.

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